Stop Playing Small and Start Taking Up Space, Ya Dummy!

As a young woman, you have been:


To put the needs of others above your own. You’ve been a loving daughter, generous sister, and thoughtful niece.


To play small and not take up space. You’ve been shunned, yelled at, and “put in your place” by fam & society.


To self-sacrifice and be the “reliable” friend, dedicated employee, and “cool girlfriend.” But who’s been there for you?

And now, in your 20s, you are starting to discover that:

Despite your best efforts to be there for others, meet your parents’ expectations, and convince that idiot you’re dating that you are lovable…this codependent existence of wanting everyone’s approval, attention, and affection has left you:


You’re tapped out at 22. Despite being so young, you’ve been putting the needs of others above your own for over a decade! You want “out” but feel stuck
like a hamster on a wheel.


You’re burnt out at 25. No matter what you do to make others happy or convince them you aren’t a piece of shit, it hasn’t worked. You’re frustrated but don’t know
what else to do.

Enveloped in Shit Relationships

You’re having a quarter-life-crisis as you approach 30 since you feel disconnected from your parents, partner, pals…
and most of all, yourself.

What’s a codependummy to do?

This podcast is for you, my dear codependummy.

I’m on a mission to empower you to stop playing small

and start taking up space!

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About Me

Hey girl. My name is Marissa, and I’m a former codependummy. I “hit bottom” multiple times throughout my 20s just trying to please anyone and everyone. From family & friends to fitness instructors & front desk clerks…you name ‘em, and I was trying to please ‘em.

This “need to please” resulted in me feeling drained, disillusioned, and depressed thanks to my codependent ways of interacting with the world. I went through a lot of pain, suffering, and agony thanks to my codependency. I’m hopeful I can spare you from having to go through the same heartache by talking about it openly on the podcast.

My intention is to help you stop being such a codependummy so you can shine like a codependiamond!

My life’s mission is to empower young women to stop playing small and start taking up space (godammnit!), and I’m grateful I get to work toward that one podcast episode at a time.