Hey sis.

My name is Marissa, and I’m on a one-woman mission to help you stop being such a codependummy, so you can shine like a codependiamond!

Here’s the lowdown on me & the podcast:

WHO: I am not like a regular podcaster, I’m a cool podcaster! I also happen to be a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and a twin (so I have about 9 more months of social intelligence than the average human). I’m a loving sister, daughter, step-dog mama, and wife. Thanks to therapy, I’m really into self-care. I am also a former codependent, so I completely understand everything you are going through.

WHAT: The Codependummy Podcast. A weekly podcast to talk all things codependency, people-pleasing, and the toll it takes to prioritize everyone else’s needs above your own. I will add that, as a former codependent, I ate self-deprecating humor for breakfast so figured I would speak to that aspect in the title. Many of my codependent patients say things like, “I’m such an idiot,” I’m so stupid,” “I’m a fucking loser,” etc. I guess I could have named it “The Codependent Podcast” buuuut I sensed codependummy was much more accurate in describing how I felt in the depths of my codependency. I hope the title and episodes resonate with you!

WHEN: New episodes will be dropping every Monday morning to help you navigate through your week #motivationmonday #itsonlymonday #isitfridayyet #marissahelp

WHERE: You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Google Podcasts…anywhere you get your podcasts, I’m there. ALSO, this podcast is audio + video so check out the recordings on my YouTube channel!

WHY: To help a sista out, that’s why! You see, I provide therapy in California. It’s great, however, in addition to creating growth, transformation, and healing in my therapy patients, I know there are 20-somethings all over who are struggling with codependency. This podcast is a way to expand my service from one to one to one to MANY. That’s why, mmmkay?

Also, I believe I was set up to become codependent: through family and society, I was raised, reinforced, and rewarded to put the needs of others above my own. You too have been set up and if you don’t deal with it now, it could cause suffering for the rest of your life. Through this podcast,  I hope to alleviate your suffering, help you unlearn your codependent ways, and empower you to start playing big and take up all the space you want.

HOW: The podcast will include solocasts, guests, and coaching episodes to walk you through your #codependentdilemmas.