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-Are you anxious? Codependent? Or an anxious-codependent? (And how to distinguish the two)

-How can you pay attention to body signals in order to alleviate your anxious/codependent thoughts?

-Why incorporating play into your healing is paramount (and ways you can start playing more asap)?

Thanks for tuning in! This week, I introduce to you Ms. Nara Lee, licensed therapist and anxiety specialist. Nara shares with us about experiences of codependency from her own life, including the cultural expectations she navigated as the daughter of immigrants. We then hear Nara distinguish codependency and anxiety—while there is overlap, we learn they are not the same. Nara describes ways that codependents can better cope with their anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and we end with specific tools you can implement this week! This episode is like a warm hug and it’s a must-listen!
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More on this episode’s guest:
Nara Lee is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and relational issues. She received her M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual and Depth Psychology from Antioch University.

More deets on this episode:
We hear about Nara’s definition of codependency and experiences of it from her own life.

Nara emphasizes the physical experience of codependency. Oof, right? We then talk about the overlap as well as the distinction between codependency and anxiety. While codependents often experience anxious symptoms (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors), others who struggle with anxiety may experience it related to social settings, specific phobias, etc.

I read off a list of anxious symptoms and Nara does a great job sharing about the interconnection of anxiety and codependency. We then hear about ways we can start to address our anxious symptoms when we are stuck in a codependent hole. Nara describes how we can “come back” to ourselves via thinking back, experiments, and play!

We end with hope as Nara emphasizes how significant of a change one can make when they make a decision, answer the call of healing, and transform into a completely different person.

It’s a must-listen! Thanks for coming on Nara!

Questions for you:
What came up as you heard Nara’s definition of codependency?
How do you relate to Nara’s examples of her codependency? What aspects of your codependency were you reminded of?
After hearing the symptoms of anxiety, how do you experience anxious thoughts/feelings/behaviors related to your codependency?
Do you also struggle with anxiety separate to your relationships? If so, how?
When hearing Nara’s recommendations, how can you start to implement thinking back, experimenting, and play into your week?
How are you making a decision, answering the call, and committed to becoming a completely different person/codependiamond???

Thank you for listening!

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