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-How can codependency show up in our physical bodies?

-What about bodywork can help you stop neglecting your body and start to tend to your physical needs?

-Why should you start to integrate body work into your self-care routine to help promote your healing from codependency?

In this episode, we hear from the amazing Randi Kofsky, LMFT, all about codependency in the body and how bodywork can promote our healing. Not only does Randi share her expertise as a licensed psychotherapist about her perspective on codependency, she also explains the negative physical consequences she’s observed as a body worker. You’ll hear Randi share about cranial sacral therapy and she walks us through a specific exercise you can use to help slow down and tune into your body! We codependummies are like a “chicken with her body cut off,” so tuning into this episode to learn how to tune in to our bodies is A MUST!

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Randi Kofsky is a Marriage and Family Therapist & Bodyworker. She provides Cranial Sacral Therapy in Los Angeles and specializes in Somatic Psychotherapy for Individuals and work with Couples to Rewire Communication habits for enhanced Intimacy & Connection.

More deets on the episode:

We start with hearing from Randi about how she conceptualizes codependency and some codependent experiences she’s had in her own life.

We then shift to the topic of the body-ody-ody! That thing attached to our heads that we tend to neglect to our detriment thanks to being overfocused on others and their needs.

Randi answers how codependency shows up in the body, how bodywork can help us heal from our codependency, and what bodywork looks like in our self-care practices.

Randi emphasizes how and why it is so important for codependents to connect with their bodies. Rathern than simply processing our thoughts, feelings, and actions in our head, bodywork can help us integrate our experiences in a more holistic manner through our body. Imagine going to talk therapy one time per week to “talk it out” and then going to a bodywork session to “roll it out.” It’s a win-win given how cut off we are from our bodies.

We end with Randi walking us through an exercise that we can take with us to practice connecting with our bodies.

It’s a must-listen! Thanks for coming on Randi!

Questions for you:

What came up as you heard Randi’s definition of codependency?
How do you relate to Randil’s examples of her codependency? What aspects of your codependency were you reminded of?
How do you sense your codependency shows up in your body? What are the physical symptoms of your codependency?
Where would you rate your level of connectedness with your physical body from 1-10? Why did you pick that number and what do you need to bring it closer to a 10?
What did you notice while following Randi’s steps to connect with our bodies via a cranial sacral method?
How can you pay more attention to you body this hour? This day? And this week? It’s a must to start to pay attention to our bodies!
Thank you for listening!

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