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-Burnout: we’ve all heard it but what does it mean and how does it relate to codependency?

-How does moral injury contribute to our burnout at work and in our relationships?

-What can we do to stop burning ourselves out NOW and MOVING FORWARD?

Welcome to Episode 96! In this episode, we celebrate the FIRST time having an amazing guest for a SECOND interview! Ms. Ofra Obejas is here to talk about BURNOUT and it’s interconnection to codependency. You’ll hear Ofra define burnout and how we codependents inadvertantly contribute to our own burnout. We also discuss the concept of moral injury (usually used when describing trauma in military members) and how codependents are often setup to do things against our values. We conclude with ways you can avoid burnout at work and in your relationships. It’s a must-listen!

More on this episode’s guest:

Ofra Obejas is s child and trauma therapist and supervisor in the Los Angeles area. She presents courses to therapists on various topics on SimplePractice alearning and other platforms.

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More deets on the episode:

We begin with a refresher on how Ofra defines codependency and ways she has experienced it in her own life. She describes an incident at work where she put the needs of others–including a convicted perpetrator of incest–above her own.

We then pivot to this episode’s focus: B U R N O U T.

What is burnout? Ofra defines the term and emphasizes how it is a special kind of stress that leads to emotional and physical exhaustion. It may be in a relationship, at work, pursuing a passion where we eventually lose our sense of accomplishment.

Ofra shares with us what causes burnout and ways codependents contribute to our own burnout. She introduces the term “moral injury” where codependents have to do things against their values, keep secrets, repress our emotions, etc. to maintain our relationships with others. Over time, being subjected to moral injury can cause…burnout.

We explore ways that codependents contribute to our burnout which Ofra suggests is “half them and half us.”

We conclude with ways you can avoid burnout now and moving forward. It’s important to practice self-care (with flexibility and compassion), question what we are being asked to do and why, identify and express our needs, set priorities, and ask ourselves “What have I got to lose?” in asserting our needs.

Thank you for coming on Ofra!

Questions for you:
What came up for you as you heard Ofra’s definition of codependency?
How do you relate to her description of ‘moral injury?’
When have you experienced burnout? In your relationships, at work, or pursuing a passion?
How do you sense you contributed to your own burnout? If half of the responsibility is ours–how might we be contributing to our burnout now?
What can you do to integrate the practices that Ofra recommends to avoid burnout now and moving forward?

Thank you, dear listener, for listening!

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