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-YA: Young Adult. What does codependency in Young Adults with their parents look like?

-How does social media compound codependency and “comparison-itis?”

-How can Young Adults stop caring so much about what others think to pursue their dreams?

In this week’s episode, Marissa is joined by Tess Brigham, LMFT. Tess works exclusively with Young Adults and shares with us the ways she often sees codependency in their lives. Tess describes the codependency young adults often have with their parents, particularly with one parent, and with social media. Tess touches on aspects of “control” and how codependents are often seeking to control others to feel in-control themselves. We conclude with ways that Tess works with her clients to get clear on what they want and how to build their self-awareness to pursue their life dreams. It’s a must-listen!

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More about this episode’s guest: Tess Brigham (LMFT, BCC) is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Board-Certified Coach and specializes in helping young adults learn to “like their now, now” and discover their unique life path so they can go out into the world and make an impact.

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We begin with hearing about what brought Tess to work with young adults. “I didn’t find them, they found me.” She describes the vulnerability and critical milestones that young adults pass in their 20s and 30s which motivated her to work specifically with them. Heck yes!

Tess shares with us her definition of codependency and how she witnessed that often when she worked with other battling addiction. Tess opens up about codependency in her own life, including with you son, where she unintentionally enabled his social anxiety in an unconscious effort to keep everything calm.

Tess describes ways she has witnessed codependency in the young adults she works with, especially where one young adult is highly codependent with one parent. Marissa opens up about aspects of her codependency in young adulthood and how that relates to social media.

Tess expands on how social media can lead to “comparison-itis” where we do things out of comparing or being compared to others. This can lead us to do things that are out of alignment with our true values so Tess helps her clients get in touch with what they want.

“What do you want?”

Tess sympathizes with the young adults in her practice, as well as with our listeners, since they often do feel like they are “behind” if they aren’t measuring up to their peers. Tess shares ways to combat this type of thinking and reminds everyone “careers are long. Relationships are long. Lifetimes ARE LONG.”

We conclude with a discussion on boundaries and how, after setting them, it’s okay and normal to have to set them over and over and over again.

Questions for homework:

How does social media compound your codependency?

Are you codependent with one parent in particular? How come you think that is?

Do you struggle with feeling “behind?” How do you then put yourself into restrictive/rigid jobs, relationships, housing situations due to feeling “behind?”

What do you want in this life? How are you working towards or against achieving that?

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