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Codependent Couples + Currency: How Money Complicates Codependent Relationships with Jelisha Gatling, LMFT

-What are hallmark behaviors codependent couples tend to have with $$$?

-How do experiences involving money in our past impact our current relationships?

-How do we stop letting codependency taint our financial life and create a partnership when it comes to spending money as a couple?

In this week’s episode, Marissa is joined by Jelisha Gatling, LMFT, to talk all about codependency and currency in couples! Jelisha shares with us about the work she does as a couples therapist, including the hallmark codependent behaviors she often sees with her clients–even before they have their first session! Jelisha describes a pattern where one partner will be over-function via the couple’s spending while the other partner under-functions which creates distrust. Jelisha discusses ways we can create a healthy partnership when it comes to spending so we don’t have to feel all this anxiety when it comes to our finances. It’s a must-listen!

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More about this episode’s guest:

Jelisha Gatling is a couples therapist, money mindset mentor, & private practice strategist for therapists. When she’s not helping couples or mentoring therapists on their biz & money mindset, you can find her writing, watching the ID channel, or painting. (for couples) (for therapists)

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3 Tips for Managing Financial Anxiety:

A beginners guide to unpacking their money baggage. For folks who have anxiety and fear when it comes to making, spending, and budgeting money.

More deets on this week’s episode:

Jelisha shares with us about her own definition of codependency:

Jelisha describes aspects of codependency in her own life, including a codependent trip she went on with a coworker WHO ALMOST NEVER PAID HER BACK FOR THE PLANE TICKET. And Jelisha, like most of us, didn’t say anything…until she finally did.

Jelisha details the hallmark money behaviors she’s observed in her codependent couples–including the over-functioning and under-functioning she witnesses EVEN BEFORE THE COUPLE HAS THEIR FIRST SESSION. What an amazing observation, right?

We then discuss where these behaviors surrounding money and codependency come from and what the consequences are if we don’t put in the work to address them.

Jelisha blesses us with some amazing techniques for us to implement in an effort to stop being such codependummies with money in our relationships, including: creating context, pausing, 72-hour rule before making a purchase, and focus on partnership.

Questions for homework:

What experiences in your past involving money have impacted your current spending? On your own and, if you’re in a relationship, as a couple?

How do you over- or under-function in your relationship when it comes to money?

Do you hesitate to ask others who owe you money like Jelisha hesitated with her coworker? What can you do this week–figure out how much they owe you, send a text, have a conversation–to ask that you be reimbursed?

What, if any, of the strategies that Jelisha recommended would you like to try this week?

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