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-What does codependency look like when it comes to sex?

-Why do codependents ‘fake it?’ And what can they do if they want to stop?

-How can we begin to prioritize and balance our and our partners’ sexual needs?

Welcome to Episode 116! Rima Bonario is back to talk about codependents in bed! What does codependency look like when it comes to sex? Rima tells all and helps us get real about faking it. You’ll hear Rima describe how codependents often prioritize the sexual needs of their partners and the long-term consequences of such behavior. We learn how unsustainable it is to gratify, satisfy, and tend to the needs of your partner while ignoring your own. We end with tips on how to become familiar with our own sexuality and ways we can prioritize our need for sexual pleasure. It’s a must-listen!

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Dr. Rima Bonario is back! Her first episode with us aired on January 9 and focused on feminine sovereignty. Rima is a Dream Weaver, Soul-Coach and Wild-Heart Healer who helps women experience personal wholeness, relationship harmony, and material abundance in their lives. → Three blocks to satisfying self-care AND MORE

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Rima Bonario is back! Let’s talk about sex baby! We begin with hearing about Rima’s take on what codependency looks like IN THE BEDROOM! GASP!

Rima shares with us how codependents will other-reference and cater to what our partners need sexually while abandoning our own bodies. She adds how we also neglect our own bodies response.

Rima opens up about her own sexual experiences tainted by codependency. She recalls how, in the past, she was unable to differentiate her partners’ pleasure with her own. I also open up about how I often faked it with former lovers and how all that mattered was his pleasure. Can you relate?

Rima educates us on the consequences of prioritizing the sexual needs of others while ignoring our own: resentment, sadness, dissatisfaction, and fantasizing about others (which could lead to emotional or sexual infidelity). We learn how, unlike popular culture would like us to believe, the time it takes for sexual pleasure to pique for a woman is 45 minutes! Due to her own exploration, Rima was able to discover how she needed dialogue, safe physical touch (e.g., massage), and other external stimuli (like candles) to help her set the mood. How can you start to explore and do the same?

Rima suggests ways we can stop faking it and discover our sexual sovereignty. “The foremost expert on your own body is you!” She instructs us to be curious about our own body, familiarize ourself with the anatomy of a woman, read books, seek professional support, find community with other women, attend support groups as needed, and seek resources.

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