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-What have I learned from the 2nd of of The Codependummy Podcast?

-What are my intentions for this upcoming year?

-How can we focus on cultivating a better community in year 3 in order to strengthen our healing from codependency?

Welcome to Episode 111! The Codependummy is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday! In this episode, you will hear me reflect on the lessons I gleaned from the second year of the podcast, the intentions I’m setting for this upcoming year, and 8 takeaways. I share about my favorite episode, ways I have grown, and the ways I hope to take these lessons and apply them as wisdom for year 3. The theme of this past year was tenderness. I set my intentions for year 3 to be focused on community! You’ll hear my plans in how I will carry this out. It’s a must-listen!

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We begin with our beloved check-in.

Next, I walk through an activity to reflect on this past year and set intentions for the year to come. I’m using a worksheet called Looking Back, Looking Forward that you can find on

Looking Back:
List my accomplishments: episodes every week!
Describe a great interview. Kelli Younglove!
How have I grown, or what lessons did I learn: I’m in the exact right place, at the exact right time, doing the exact right thing, exactly right!
What am I grateful for: hubs, consistency, and all of you listeners!
What was a challenge that I overcame? The dreaded solocasts.

Looking Forward:
What would I like to achieve during this 3rd year on the podcast? Create community!
What am I looking forward to during this time frame? Reframing solocasts as a creative opportunity.
What relationships would I like to strengthen this year? My relationship with myself and my relationship with you, dear listener.
What can I do to help others this 3rd year of the podcast? Encouragement!
Ideally, how will your life be different at the end of this? Interdependent friendships, slowing down, and 163 episodes!

8 other things to mention/highlight:
The podcast definitely keeps me accountable.
I’m getting better at discerning who I should and should’t have on.
I only “faked it” for one episode.
I’m humbled by how smart my guests are.
I want to try and add in some more humor to the episodes.
I’ll be incorporating more Feminist theory.
I don’t cuss as much.
The intention for 2023 is: COMMUNITY!

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