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What lessons have I learned from this first year of podcasting???

What are my intentions for the second year of the podcast???

How can you celebrate the internal and external milestones in your own life?

Happy One-Year Anniversary, ya dummy! That’s right–we celebrated a year of the podcast on January 25. Woo hoo! In this episode, I reflect on the need for all of us to celebrate our internal and external milestones (like podcasting for a year). You’ll hear the ten lessons I learned this year and the intentions I am setting for year two. There are some tears of pride at the end thanks to you, my dear sweet listener. Thank you for your continued support of the show!

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I was and am codependent AF
Discernment is key.
Podcasting about codependency is SO FUN!
I can do this long-term!
There’s always room for improvment
Welcome Labors of Love
No Messiah Complex for me
Holla ‘atcha gurl
Don’t phone it in
Try a little tenderness!
My intention for the second year of the podcast? Tenderness, meaning gentleness, kindness and sensitivity to pain. I want to be sensitive to your pain and mine as we continue to heal from our codependency.

Questions for you:

How are you celebrating your own milestones?

What does progress or regression look like as you reach this mark?

What have you learned this past year, 5 year, 10 year, etc. of your milestone?

How are you acknowledging all that you have accomplished in that time period?

Let me know how you are celebrating:

Cheers to year 2!

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