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-What is ‘feminine sovereignty’ and how to codependents often lack it?

-How does the masculine mindset of our patriarchal culture contribute to women being vulnerable to developing codependency?

-What can we learn from feminine archetypes to integrate into our healing journey which promote balance between doing (masculine energy) and receiving (feminine energy)?

Welcome to Episode 108! In this episode, we hear from Dr. Rima Bonario about feminine sovereignty, feminine archetypes, and how focusing on our feminine sides can help us heal from codependency. Dr. Rima describes to us the 5 feminine archetypes she uses to help her clients develop self-referencing (as opposed to the other-referencing we codependents are used to doing). We discuss how the masculine mindset and patriarchal norms of our culture can contribute to women feeling more dependent and hyper-focused on deriving our sense of worth with others. We conclude with a discussion on ways Dr. Rima helps her clients cultivate more balance between their masculine and feminine energies in order to feel empowered and heal. It’s a must-listen!

More on this episode’s guest:

Dr. Rima Bonario is a Dream Weaver, Soul-Coach and Wild-Heart Healer who draws from the culmination of 30 years of her own evolution to help women experience personal wholeness, relationship harmony, and material abundance in their lives.
Rima specializes in the arena of personal sovereignty and the challenge many women face in maintaining a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for themselves. Her doctoral work in transformational psychology informs her coaching, workshops, online courses, and guided tours to historically sacred places, and supports women to shed their fears, embody their feminine power and manifest their deepest dreams.
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We begin with hearing Dr. Rima’s definition of codependency and an experience of it in her own life. Dr. Rima emphasizes how codependency involves self-abandonment, other-referencing instead of self-referencing, and a total loss of sovereignty. Dr. Rima opens up about her codependency in her first marriage and shares a vulnerable experience where she tried her utmost to ‘stand in her power’ but, in the end, was not able to override her codependent urge to meet his expectations for a clean house.

We then shift to hearing about feminine sovereignty and how Dr. Rima makes use of feminine archetypes to help her clients cultivate a sense of empowerment. She discusses archetypes of the queen, the good girl, the princess, the rebel, and super woman. Can you relate?

And how does this all play in to the masculine mindset and patriarchal culture we live in? Dr. Rima emphasizes how men and masculine energy is all about “giving” which is the opposite of feminine energy when is all about “receiving.” What happens to women in such a masculine culture? We strive, we do, we execute–and we end up burnt out and exhausted!

Dr. Rima shares how this impacts us women, especially in the bedroom and our sexuality. I share about how, in times when I was most codependent, I was likened to a “star fish” in bed since I had nothing else to give to my partner and was not able to receive anything from him. We will be sure to have Dr. Rima on again in the future to talk all about codependents and sexuality, yes?!?

Dr. Rima concludes with sharing about the 7 queendoms she focuses on building with her clients in order to help them heal: spiritual, mental, dharmic/expressive, emotional, passionate, physical, and energetic. She highlights how focusing on these aspects in our lives can help us be sovereign like the queen archetype we want to emulate.

Thanks for coming on Dr. Rima!

And thank you for listening, my dear listener!

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