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-How do codependents tend to respond when they are busy AF?

-What are the costs of being available, accommodating, and self-neglecting during busy seasons?

-What are the 10 Ways You Can Slow The F Down When Life is Busy AF?

Welcome to Episode 109! This week, we discuss how we codependummies can slow the F down when life gets busy AF. It’s been a minute since I did a solocast so I’m back to update ya’ll about how the past few months have gone and ways I’ve navigated a busy season. You’ll hear a discussion on the 10 Ways Codependents Respond When Life Gets Busy contrasted with 10 Ways to Slow The F Down. I provide a few anecdotes to help deepen your understanding then add some questions for you to reflect on for your own busy seasons. It’s a must-listen!

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More deets on the episode:

What’s a Codependummy to do when she is tasked with the following in a two month period:
-4 birthday’s in her immediate family
-3 holidays
-3 trips
-3-week visit wtih her twin-sister and brother-in-law who only come 1-2x a year
-concerning lab results and intermittent health symptoms
-crappy experiences with customer service?

We begin with a check-in from me. Then check-in on you.

Next, we dive in with a discussion on how we codependummies tend to respond when life gets busy AF. We tend to:
Always be available.
Have fluid boundaries.
Rarely ask others for help.
Cancel or miss our appointments.
Minimize our concerns.
Only have two options (e.g., yes or no)
Be reactive to the needs of others.
Become enmeshed with the needs of others/the group
Relinquish our routine.

There are major consequences to responding to a busy season like we have!

I propose that a codependummy, or a codependiamond, ought to try the following when life gets busy AF to slow the F down :
create solitude
maintain healthy boundaries
reach out to others for support
attend therapy and other appointments with helping professionals
get help
provide ourselves with gray area/middle ground options
mentally create a before, during, and after-care plan
differentiate between groups and individuals/others’ needs and our needs
text and phone support
maintain some semblance of routine

I then unpack three of these: 1) how to create a before, during, and after care plan; 2) how to differentiate between groups/individuals and others’ needs/our needs; and 3) how to get help (namely from medical professionals.

We conclude with how this approach has helped me slow down. We end with questions for you: How do you relate? What do you do to slow the F down when life gets busy AF? What wisdom have you gleaned from a recent busy season? Let me know!

Thanks for listening!

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