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-How is codependency conceptualized in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

-What are the long-term consequences on the mind and body if we do not address our codependent patterns in relationships?

-How can practices like acupuncture, hypnotherapy, tai chi, and so on help us transform our health?

Welcome to Episode 104! This week, we hear from Dr. Sharleen Lawrence, practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. Sharleen shares with us about how codependency is perceived in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and ways that it shows up in our physical and emotional body. You’ll hear us explore the long-term consequences of maintaining our codependent ways (hint: chronic codependency can lead to chronic health conditions). We conclude with hearing about ways Dr. Sharleen helps her patients create more balance and harmony in their lives.

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Sharleen is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, licensed acupuncturist, certified hypnotherapist, and the founder of the HypnoPuncture Method.

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More deets on the episode:

We begin with hearing Dr. Sharleen’s definition of codependency through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She then reflects on aspects of codependency in her own life, including the time she was recommended to read the book Codependent No More from a business coach.

We shift gears and get the 101 definitions of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine. Now, how do they relate to codependency? Sharleen describes how physical symptoms are often related to imbalance in other aspects of our emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, lives.

Sharleen describes the various ways she has observed codependent behavior in our relationships show up in our bodies. She emphasizes how, in her work, it’s important to ask questions about our symptoms to help build a better understanding of what treatment may be needing, including physical treatments like acupuncture as well as relational treatments like speaking up in relationships.

Sharleen warns us about the consequences of codependency unaddressed: chronic conditions. She then helps us by sharing about ways she helps her patients combat codependency, including acknowledging our emotions, creating timelines of our intense emotions, and integrating chinese medicine.

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