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Welcome everyone to The Codependummy Podcast – 30-Day Self-Validation Challenge.


I’m here with Nathan, our listener who was on The Codependummy Dilemma on June 21 and we are check in on how he did with his 30-day self-validation challenge.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, please give the episode that aired on June 21 a listen. In the episode, I assigned Nathan homework to have a nightly call with himself to report on his day and validate himself since that’s what he craved so much in a previous relationship. Codependummy to codependiamond behavior, right???

Hear Nathan reflect on the following questions:

How did it go to the first night with the challenge?
Was he able to do it everyday?
What were his expectations versus reality of having a nightly call with himself to validate himself?
What will this look like moving forward for him?
What does he want to tell the listener who listened, maybe started or didn’t at all, about practicing self-validation?
I also share about my own experience with the challenge and plan to continue with a nightly self-validation call with myself.

Are you doing it? Join us! I’ll check in with Nathan at the 60-day mark to see how he’s feeling, how it’s going, and his progress. Again, join us! Email to share your progress or volunteer to come on The Codependummy Dilemma like Nathan did.