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Minisode: Validating, Recognizing, and Acknowledging Ourselves

Thank you for listening to The Codependummy Podcast!

I decided to drop in and celebrate passing the 4-week milestone with the podcast!

I am validating, recognizing, and acknowledging myself–what all us codependents need to do!

I also validate, recognize, and acknowledge all of you listeners!

Marissa summarizes the:


-127 ratings

-87 reviews

And listeners from all over THE WORLD! I see you Australia, Uganda, Bosnia, India, Greece, Jamaica, Russia, Poland, and Spain.

I also see you Los Angeles, Nashville, St. Louis, Santa Fe, New York, Washington, Des Moines, Seattle, Austin, and all ya’ll over the states.

You are helping me achieve my life’s mission to empower young women to stop playing small and start taking up space! Keep sharing and keep listening.

I’ll keep working on validating, recognizing, and acknowledging myself and hope you can do the same with your efforts.

Be sure to join the Facebook group: for March Madness with the podcast come March 8! I’ll also send two workshops: Imposter Syndrome and Self-Care in Self-Quarantine.