The Basics of Boundaries with Kelli Younglove

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -We all know what boundaries are…but…what are boundaries? -Where do we start with setting boundaries as codependents? -How do we maintain boundaries when there’s pushback from others? Thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I have a fulfilling and meaningful discussion with Ms. Kelli Younglove, a Consciousness Coach, all… Read More

Are you Anxious? Or Codependent? OR an Anxious-Codependent? With Nara Lee, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -Are you anxious? Codependent? Or an anxious-codependent? (And how to distinguish the two) -How can you pay attention to body signals in order to alleviate your anxious/codependent thoughts? -Why incorporating play into your healing is paramount (and ways you can start playing more asap)? Thanks for tuning in! This… Read More

Codependent + Emotionally Unavailable = Love? How Codependents Are Emotionally Unavailable Too with Kim Bielak, AMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How, despite our “giving” exteriors, are codependents emotionally unavailable in relationships? -When we codependents keep doing things for others, especially our partners, what are the consequences? (i.e., we rob them of their autonomy, create conditional love, etc.) -Why we need to ask: what is the relationship I want to… Read More

Adult Children of Alcoholics (and Codependents) with Anna Jarviautio

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What happens to the child of an alcoholic/codependent couple when they grow up and become…an adult? -Who are these “adult children of alcoholics” and what are the common traits they have in their relationships with others and themselves? -How come adult children of alcoholics need to explore their values… Read More

Body-ody-ody Work: How Bodywork Can Help You Heal with Randi Kofsky, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How can codependency show up in our physical bodies? -What about bodywork can help you stop neglecting your body and start to tend to your physical needs? -Why should you start to integrate body work into your self-care routine to help promote your healing from codependency? In this episode,… Read More

Can Healers Heal Themselves? Codependency in Church Leaders with Rachel Engels, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How can church leaders unintentionally become codependent with the people they serve? -What happens when we let the people we work with/help/support become like gods where we do all we can to please them? -Why is it important for church leaders to have healthy boundaries/self-care and what are the… Read More

Where’s Your Head At? Cognitive Distortions in Codependents

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify What are cognitive distortions anyways? How do cognitive distortions like personalization, magnification, and catastrophizing relate to codependency? Why does it help to know ‘where your heads at’ when you’re stuck in unhelpful, unhealthy, and unsustainable cognitive distortions? Welcome to episode 73! This week’s episode we discuss cognitive distortions: the… Read More