Intergenerational Trauma and Codependency with Allison Ly

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What is “intergenerational trauma” and how does it relate to codependency? -What does it mean to be “first gen” and “second gen?” And how can children of immigrants be more prone to codependency? -How does boundary-setting promote balance and better living in any family, whether you’re “first gen” or… Read More

The Basics of Boundaries with Kelli Younglove

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -We all know what boundaries are…but…what are boundaries? -Where do we start with setting boundaries as codependents? -How do we maintain boundaries when there’s pushback from others? Thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I have a fulfilling and meaningful discussion with Ms. Kelli Younglove, a Consciousness Coach, all… Read More

Are you Anxious? Or Codependent? OR an Anxious-Codependent? With Nara Lee, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -Are you anxious? Codependent? Or an anxious-codependent? (And how to distinguish the two) -How can you pay attention to body signals in order to alleviate your anxious/codependent thoughts? -Why incorporating play into your healing is paramount (and ways you can start playing more asap)? Thanks for tuning in! This… Read More

Codependent + Emotionally Unavailable = Love? How Codependents Are Emotionally Unavailable Too with Kim Bielak, AMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How, despite our “giving” exteriors, are codependents emotionally unavailable in relationships? -When we codependents keep doing things for others, especially our partners, what are the consequences? (i.e., we rob them of their autonomy, create conditional love, etc.) -Why we need to ask: what is the relationship I want to… Read More

Adult Children of Alcoholics (and Codependents) with Anna Jarviautio

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What happens to the child of an alcoholic/codependent couple when they grow up and become…an adult? -Who are these “adult children of alcoholics” and what are the common traits they have in their relationships with others and themselves? -How come adult children of alcoholics need to explore their values… Read More

Body-ody-ody Work: How Bodywork Can Help You Heal with Randi Kofsky, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How can codependency show up in our physical bodies? -What about bodywork can help you stop neglecting your body and start to tend to your physical needs? -Why should you start to integrate body work into your self-care routine to help promote your healing from codependency? In this episode,… Read More

Can Healers Heal Themselves? Codependency in Church Leaders with Rachel Engels, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How can church leaders unintentionally become codependent with the people they serve? -What happens when we let the people we work with/help/support become like gods where we do all we can to please them? -Why is it important for church leaders to have healthy boundaries/self-care and what are the… Read More