The Healing Power of Yoga Stephanie Flanders-Martin

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What can yoga offer to codependents on their healing journey? -How can yoga help us confront our poor relationship patterns as a consequence of becoming more aware of our bodies? -What about practicing yoga helps us let go of perfectionism, compare-and-despair, and self-neglect? Welcome to Episode 112! This week,… Read More

Happy 2nd Birthday Codependummy! Reflections and Intentions with Marissa Esquibel, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What have I learned from the 2nd of of The Codependummy Podcast? -What are my intentions for this upcoming year? -How can we focus on cultivating a better community in year 3 in order to strengthen our healing from codependency? Welcome to Episode 111! The Codependummy is celebrating it’s… Read More

How to Trust Yourself with Megan Carney, PhD

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How come codependents find it hard–or nearly impossible–to dive deep within ourselves? -What about codependency contributes to our inability to trust ourselves? -What is ‘Internal Family Systems Therapy’ and how can ‘parts work’ help us develop self-trust? Welcome to Episode 110! In this week’s episode, I sat down with… Read More

How To Cultivate Feminine Sovereignty To Heal From Codependency (And Combat The Masculine Mindset That Keeps Us Disempowered) With Dr. Rima Bonario

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What is ‘feminine sovereignty’ and how to codependents often lack it? -How does the masculine mindset of our patriarchal culture contribute to women being vulnerable to developing codependency? -What can we learn from feminine archetypes to integrate into our healing journey which promote balance between doing (masculine energy) and… Read More