Codependency in Immigrant Families with Harry Au

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What does codependency look like in the children of immigrant families? -How can the immigrant experience lead to the development of narcissism in parents and codependency in children? -How can adult children create healthier relationships with their families? Welcome to Episode 124! This week, I sat down with Henry… Read More

Attachment Styles and Codependency with Elizabeth Polinsky, LMC

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What are attachment styles? -How do attachment styles relate to codependency? -How can we navigate the positive and negative impacts of attachment styles on our relationship? Welcome to Episode 123! This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Polinsky, LMC, all about attachment styles. Liz educates us… Read More

Therapist Burnout with Monica Helvie, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -How does codependency contribute to burnout in therapists? -What is ‘misattunement’ and how can we better understand it’s impact during our childhood? -Why is community so fundamental in healing our codependency? Welcome to Episode 118! This week, we are greeted with the presence of Monica Helview, LMFT, to discuss… Read More

Addicted and Dysfunctional Families with Natalie Friedman, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What do addicted and dysfunctional families look like? -How does growing up in an addicted and dysfunctional family contribute to the development of codependency? -What are the similarities and differences between highly sensitive people (HSP) and codependents? Welcome to Episode 119! This week’s guest, Natalie Friedman, LMFT, is here… Read More

How to Define Relationships with Jamal Jones, LMFT

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What does it mean to ‘define a relationship?’ -How can we set clear expectations in our relationships through defining them? -Why should we start defining our codependent relationships asap? Welcome to Episode 122! This week, we hear from Jamal Jones, LMFT, on how to ‘define relationships.’ Jamal shares with… Read More