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-How can you start to rewrite your “codependent story” to one of empowerment?

-What steps can you take to improve your “codependent mindset?” (i.e., the I-have-to-do-everything-for-everyone-to-avoid-rejection story)

-Why do you need to start cultivating self-alignment rather than being so aligned with others?

In this week’s episode, we are graced with Ms. Pam Goodbois presence. Pam is a coach, recovering therapist, and overall badass. You’ll hear her share about how misalignment is what led her to make a drastic change in her life where she ultimately chose to be of service to herself as opposed to dedicating her life to serving others (sound familiar?). Pam describes how she works with clients via coaching to re-write their stories. She provides insights for how you can start to rewrite your own story from one of codependency to that of EMPOWERMENT. You’ll leave the episode with a sense that you are capable! It’s a must-listen!

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More on this episode’s guest:

Pam Goodbois is a recovering therapist, a self-development and business coach, and the host of The Out of Your Mind Podcast, a place for entrepreneurs to come together, gain insight, and be inspired to write a story of connection, joy and passion!

30 Day Abundance & Manifestation Challenge- The Abundance Project- all about shifting the mind and changing the story.

FB/IG/TikTok- @yoginipam

Twitter- @pamgodbois

More deets on this week’s episode:

We start with hearing about Pam’s journey from being a therapist to a coach (and why she refers to herself as a “recovering therapist”).

Pam shares her own definition of codependency: an overwhelming, disconnected, dysfunctional need to be in a role/relationship or be perceived by others in a way that will get you what you want. Damn! She then shares about one codependent experience from her young adulthood and admits how that is “one of two or three thousand examples from my life.”

We transition to hearing how Pam perceives relationships as being based on a spectrum with codependency on one end and empowerment on the other. How do we cultivate relationships based on empowerment? Communication, collaboration, and conveying “I believe you are capable.”

Pam describes how she aids her coaching clients with cultivating a mindset that helps them overcome codependency. Start with awareness, notice your patterns, and embrace the story you want by CHOOSING that story.

She then shares with us about her 30-day abundance challenge–join here:

Thanks for coming on Pam!

Questions for you:

What came up as you heard Pam’s definition of codependency?
How do you relate to Pam’s example of waiting in the ER parking lot for hours? Do you have similar back-and-forth-dialogue in your head that leaves you “stranded” and worried of rejection?
Are your relationships based in codependency, empowerment, or somewhere in between?
How can you cultivate more empowerment in your closest relationships?
What is your codependent story? I have to do everything for everyone; I’m only worthy by being available for others; why am I the one always giving people rides to the airport? Etc., etc., etc.
What patterns do you have in your life that reflect your codependent story?
How can you start to empower yourself and create a new story?
Thank you for listening!

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