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-What has happened to Listener ND since he came on The Codependummy Dilemma and started his 30-day Self-Validation Challenge?

– What happens to a codependent when they stop seeking validation from others and start to provide it to themselves?

-How can spending 1-10 minutes every evening validating yourself turn into a true change in your external and internal world?

In this episode, I check in with Listener ND about the ongoing rewards of his taking on the 30-day Self-Validation Challenge. ND came on The Codependummy Dilemma back in June and was assigned by Marissa to have a “nightly call” with himself every evening to provide the validation he so sought from others. “Give that validation you want to yourself” was the prescription and ND has freakin’ done it! He went 30, 60, 90, and how 180 days validating himself. Tune in to hear about all the changes he has experienced and his encouragement that you can have the same if you take on the SVC!

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Helpful links: – start the 30-Day Self-Validation Challenge STAT! – get your copy of The Confiding Codependummy for just $1 a day for the next month (it’s $30!).

Want to come on The Codependummy Dilemma? Email to start the process. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire another challenge!

More deets on today’s episode:

We kick things off with a timeline with Listener ND:

-He emailed me to say thanks in late May/early June

-I invited him immediately to come on for The Codependummy Dilemma

-ND said “Yes” and came on in mid-June.

-I challenged him to 30 days of practicing Self-Validation since he acknowledged that was what he sought in a previous relationship which took a toll on him and his ex. “Why not provide the validation you crave to yourself?”

-We checked in at 30, 60, and 90 days.

-Now we are here, with ND, after 180 days of validating himself on a (mostly) nightly basis!

Questions I have with ND:

What do you want to say to validate yourself for practicing self-validation for the past 6 months?
How has practicing self-validation improved your relationship with yourself?
How has it helped you improve your relationship with others?
How has this daily practice –which takes minutes– helped you specifically with becoming less codependent?
What surprising things did you learn about yourself from these nightly check ins?
What do you sense contributed to you being able to start this practice and keep doing it for 30, 60, 90 days, 180 days?
Other listeners have thought about it, maybe started it, stopped and started again. With January 1 around the corner which is the perfect time to try out the self-validation challenge for 30 days—what can we say to them?
What about the listener who has thought about coming on for the codependummy dilemma? How has your decision to come on created a ripple effect in your life?
Beyond listening, coming on the podcast, starting the self-validation challenge – what other things have you done that have helped with your healing from codependency that you can share with us?
Any favorite episodes, guests or topics you’d like me to revisit? Any topic you’d like to request I cover in the 2nd year of the podcast?
Thank you ND for coming on and sharing how the SVC has helped you. Girl, hop on it and get yourself the challenge:

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