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-What does it mean to set boundaries with intention?

-How can we say ‘no’ when we mean no and ‘yes’ when we mean yes? It’s easier said than done!

-When we set boundaries, how does that lead to us living with more authenticity?

Welcome to Episode 113! This week, I am joined by Lisa Hammette, Success Coach, for a deep dive into her book From Burnout to Best Life. Lisa shares with out about her descent into burnout, ways she was able to build herself back up, and how she helps her coaching clients do the same. We explore setting boundaries and how we can set them with intention in order to maintain them with conviction. Lisa warns us about the consequences of being a people-pleaser with poor boundaries and then guides us on how to get intentional when making them. We conclude with tips on how to get in touch with our fears surrounding boundaries in order to live more authentically in our relationships. It’s a must-listen!

Lisa Hammett is an international best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and a Success Coach. She helps stressed and burned out business owners and executives develop mental fitness, manage stress and anxiety, and get healthy. She is a certified Life Coach and is currently getting her certification in Positive Intelligence. Her international best-selling book, From Burnout to Best Life is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other distribution channels.

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We begin with hearing Lisa’s definition of codependency: taking loyalty to a very dysfunctional level. She shares about a codependent friendship and how she and her friend got to the point where their loyalty led dysfunction which resulted in a blow out.

We then dive into Lisa’s book, From Burnout to Best Life.

From page 72: When we say yes to something, we’re saying no to something else. By always saying yes, we’re allowing others to control our lives. How does Lisa help her clients mean it when they say ‘yes’ and ‘no?’ She emphasizes how it comes down to learning how to say it. The key thing about saying what we mean is in the way in which we say it: if we say no, Lisa suggest we offer a solution.

From page 85: If boundaries are not set and balance is not maintained, it can lead to serious mental and physical health problems. What kind of problems has Lisa seen? She opens up about her own burnout and how her coaching clients often come to her with their relationships and health in dissaray. In order to help them, she works at teaching them to recognize there are things they can say ‘no’ to in order to take care of themselves and their relationships.

From page 97: Set healthy boundaries. What are the common boundaries Lisa helps her clients set? Most often, she begins by helping her clients take control of their calendars. Codependents often give their time to others so she aids her clients in seeing where they can make time for themselves, their self-care, their appointments, etc. to have more balance.

From age 110: As humans, we want to be liked…When we are rejected, it’s defeating. To avoid rejection…we may suppress our true selves…become inauthnetic…What are the initial steps Lisa takes to help her clients live more authentically? She guides them with getting in touch with their fears, get curious of how their fears can be a blessing or an opportunity, and then they are more empowered to live with authenticity in the world.

Thank you for coming Lisa! And thank you for being here dear listener!
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