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-What are the small steps to empowerment found in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

-How can mindfulness aid you along your healing journey?

-Where and how can you direct your keen awareness of others towards yourself?

Thank you for tuning in! In this week’s episode, Dr. Nicole Strauss is here to discuss her healing journey from codependency, her use of DBT therapy with her codependent clients, AND the small steps we can take towards empowerment. In her work, Nicole often incorporates aspects of mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and awareness to help herself and her clients “seize their independence.” You’ll hear the small steps Nicole took towards healing from codependency, namely with her mother and former friends, and hopefully be able to apply them to your own life asap. It’s a must-listen!

More on this week’s guest:

Dr. Nicole Strauss is a recent graduate with a PhD in clinical psychology who works with adults and teens and women who are looking to uncover their power and heal from a history of complex trauma, depression, and codependency. Nicole also leads a weekly DBT skills group – something she recommends with confidence to all individuals struggling with codependency. Please reach out to her via her email or website for more information if you are looking to participate!
Instagram: @dr.nicolestrauss

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More deets on this episode:
We start with our “typical two” and hear Nicole’s definition of codependency and experiences of it from her own life.

Nicole then gives us a vulnerable and honest account of her codependency which touched most aspects of her life and was most poignant with her mother and former friends. Nicole recalls helping her mother regulate her emotions thanks to her sensitivity and what that looked like growing up. We also hear about the signs and signals of codependency in her friendships.

We explore the small steps of empowerment that Nicole started to take to heal from her codependency, including attending therapy, creating emotional and physical distance in her less-healthy relationships, befriending herself, reading, mindfulness, and so on.

Nicole describes what DBT therapy is and how she incorporates it in her work with therapy clients. She expands on the definitions and provides examples on awareness, mindfulness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.

We conclude with a reminder to “seize our independence” through small steps.

Thanks for coming on Nicole!

Questions for you, my dear listener:
What are your thoughts and feelings after hearing Nicole’s definition of codependency?
How can you relate to Nicole’s experiences of codependency from her own life?
What about Nicole’s healing journey inspires you and motivates you to take a small step starting this week?
After hearing about DBT therapy, what aspect (mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, etc.) do you want to focus on in this current phase of your healing journey?
What can you do to “seize your independence” this week?

Thank you for listening!

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