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-What is trauma and how does it impact our codependency?
-What’s the difference between Big-T trauma, little-t trauma, and t-t-t-trauma (also known as complex trauma)?
-How can past emotional wounds lead us to lose ourselves in our relationships? And how can we reverse that pattern?

Welcome to episode 91! This week, we are taking a lesson in Trauma 101. You’ll hear the definitions and examples of trauma, including the varying types of trauma: Big-T trauma, little-t trauma, and complex trauma (which I describe as t-t-t-trauma). I discuss the interconnection between traumatic experiences and the beliefs that contributed to our codependency. We conclude with an anecdote to help with your understanding of trauma for this first Trauma 101 lesson. You’ll leave the episode with a good understanding about the different types of trauma and thoughtful questions to reflect on the impact of trauma in your own life.

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We begin with a check in then shift to our Trauma 101 lesson. Here are the terms we define and provide thorough examples of:


Big-T trauma
little-t trauma

T-t-t-t-trauma (also known as c-trauma for complex or chronic trauma)

I then discuss why is it important for you to reflect on your past trauma and be curious about how it has impacted you in the past, present, and future?

We conclude with a little-t trauma story to help bolster your understanding.

I’m curious what experiences, big T, little t or ttttrauma, which you have had that you sense contribute to your codependency?

We will discuss how to work through past trauma in another episode.

For now, take time to reflect on trauma and it’s impact on your past and present.

Meditate, journal, or do a voice memo contemplating:
Big T
Little t
And t-t–t-trauma
What core beliefs or core conclusions about yourself, others, and the world did you come to as a consequence?
And how are they unconsciously driving your actions and inactions today?

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