Intergenerational Trauma and Codependency with Allison Ly

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -What is “intergenerational trauma” and how does it relate to codependency? -What does it mean to be “first gen” and “second gen?” And how can children of immigrants be more prone to codependency? -How does boundary-setting promote balance and better living in any family, whether you’re “first gen” or… Read More

The Basics of Boundaries with Kelli Younglove

Find the podcast on: Apple Spotify -We all know what boundaries are…but…what are boundaries? -Where do we start with setting boundaries as codependents? -How do we maintain boundaries when there’s pushback from others? Thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I have a fulfilling and meaningful discussion with Ms. Kelli Younglove, a Consciousness Coach, all… Read More