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-We all know what boundaries are…but…what are boundaries?

-Where do we start with setting boundaries as codependents?

-How do we maintain boundaries when there’s pushback from others?

Thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I have a fulfilling and meaningful discussion with Ms. Kelli Younglove, a Consciousness Coach, all about the mystery and magic of B O U N D A R I E S. Kelli describes to us what boundaries are (with a healthy expansion to Brene Brown’s definition of boundaries), why they are so foreign to codependents, and how they can truly help us as we heal from our codependent ways. You’ll hear Kelli open up about her own healing journey and ways she has created boundaries in order to heal. We conclude with clear actions you can take to bring more consciousness into yoru life by honoring your needs and boundaries.

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Kelli Younglove is a Consciousness Coach, an Anxiety Whisperer, and the creator of the boundary course: Creating the Container of YOU— a contemplative e-course that teaches boundary fundamentals for people pleasers and controllers.

Kelli’s Course: Boundaries | Creating the Container of YOU –
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We begin with our “typical two” questions and hear 1) Kelli’s definition of codependency and 2) a codependent experience from her own life.
We then shift gears to a focus on B O U N D A R I E S, which is Kelli’s specialty. We hear Kellis’ definition of boundaries, the different types of boundaries, and the steps you can take to become aware of the need for then the establishment of boundaries.
Who knew that there were so many types of boundaries: emotional, mental, energetic, physical, sexual, spiritual, etc.
We circle back to Kelli’s definition of codependency where she expands on Brene Brown’s wording: What’s okay for me? What’s no okay for me? And what’s okay for you? And not okay for you? We have to find the middle ground, balance, and compromise between our needs and those of others.
Once we add a boundary, the maintenance phase begins (which is where the real work is). Kelli adds her description of the two-part formula: their/other people’s job is to do what they want afte we’ve set a boundary. Our job is to hold the boundary after setting it. And always come back to the breath.
Thanks for coming on Kelli!
Questions for you:
What came up for you as Kelli described her definition of codependency?
How do you relate to Kelli’s experience of codependency with her childhood friend?
Have you too had relationships fall apart due to your codependency? How are you practicing self-compassion due to the loss?
Did you resonate with Kelli’s definition of boundaries?
What boundary are you sensing you need to establish this week? How can you use Kelli’s steps in order to set it?
How can you take care of yourself after setting the boundary in order to maintain it?
Thank you for listening!

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