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-How has The Confiding Codependummy: 30 Days of Journaling Prompts for a less-codependent and more-conscious YOU helped Listener MV?

-What realizations did MV come to thanks to completing the CC?

-Why do YOU, yes YOU-READING-THIS-RIGHT-NOW, need to get yourself The Confiding Codependummy ASAP?

In this week’s episode, an amazingly supportive listener MV comes on to tell-all about her experience going through The Confiding Codependummy. It’s a collection of 30 journaling prompts which I created for listeners just like you and MV to help you dive deeper into your codependency and help you along your healing journey! MV shares what motivated her to buy the CC, how it went, and a HUGE REALIZATION she had about her codependency thanks to journaling. She adds how she also was able to develop more self-trust, self-reliance, and healthy patterns in her relationship all thanks to completing the Confiding Codependummy.

Girl–if you haven’t gotten The Confiding Codependummy, STOP everything you are doing and BUY IT now. INVEST IN YOUR HEALING. It’s the equivalent of $1 a day for the next 30 days. Hop to it! Help me help you!

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MV and I begin by catching you all up on her, how she came to find the podcast, and what has kept her listening for the past year (thanks for the support MV!).

We then explore what motivated MV to purchase the Confiding Codependummy and her initial experience.

MV shares how, thanks to some painful codependent moments, she found the motivation to start and complete the CC. However, it wasn’t easy. She had memories from her childhood come up that were hard to face: feeling wrong, feeling abandoned, feeling unprepared.

Marissa asks MV how she was able to persist despite the feelings. MV talked about it in therapy, reached out to Marissa, and also got support from others. She also was able to rely on herself for reassurance and started the writing again after a brief break.


ALL 30 JOURNALING PROMPTS! YYAASS! A round of applause for MV please.

She reveals the realizations she had as a consequence of completing the Confiding Codependummy and how that’s impacting her day-to-day life, including her relationship with her boyfriend and loved ones.

Her healing journey continues and I hope you can all hear how she sped up the process thanks to committing to and completing the CC.

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Questions for you:

How do you relate to MV’s experience with codependency?
What have you started and stopped along your healing journey? (therapy, courses, the self-validation challenge?)
What would it mean for you to invest $30 in yourself and your healing journey by purchasing The Confiding Codependummy?
If you hesitate, how come?
What would it take after listening to this episode for you to start taking action via The Confiding Codependummy?
Thank you for listening! Thank you MV for coming on!


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