What are the long-term consequences of codependency?

Can codependency lead to burn out, depression, anxiety, and quarter-life crisis?

What can happen if you keep putting the needs of others above your own decade after decade?

Are you finding yourself exhausted, exasperated, and enveloped in crap relationships?

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In This Podcast episode:

Marissa walks through the long-term consequences of codependency, including the physical, emotional, and relational side effects
You’ll get details and examples to help bring awareness around your own codependency and how it is hurting, damaging, and causing destruction that you need to start addressing now!
We continue to normalize rather than pathologize your codependency–since you were set up to be this way. You are not crazy!
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Long-term effects of co-dependency during or after college

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What are the long-term consequences of codependency? What will happen if you continue to put the needs of others above your own? According to the literature, in the later stages of codependency, you may experience feeling lethargic, feeling depressed, withdrawing from your relationships, becoming isolated from your relationships, losing your daily routine and structure, abusing or neglecting your children/other responsibilities, hopelessness, planning escapes from relationships you feel trapped in, suicidality, violence towards others or yourself via self-harm, becoming physically/emotionally/mentally ill, developing an eating disorder (or other type of addiction related to food/body/weight), or becoming addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.

What stands out to you? How are you coping with your codependency in ways that are starting to take a toll on your health and your relationships?

Marissa gives real-life examples and shares about her “rock bottom” related to her codependency. She was 20 years old, single, lonely in her apartment, weighed about 40 pounds more than she does today, and codependent up to her eyeballs. After being everything for everyone, she became nothing to no one…including herself. She had dedicated so much time and energy to pleasing her family, professors, friends, and a romantic interest all to no avail. Then, the pendulum swung and she was depressed, anxious, withdrawn, and not pleasing anyone or herself. Have you experienced the same in your codependency where, maybe you weren’t suicidal, but ambivalent towards life? While listening, see what stands out to you about your codependency and how it is starting to take its toll on you.

You’ll also hear about her motivation to create this podcast in order to a) spare you from the agony, suffering, and pain of codependency and b) help you transform from a codependummy to a codependiamond!

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