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-How can breathwork and meditation help us along our healing journey?

-Why is meditation so hard? And how can we start small to build a meditation practice???

-What happens to our energy levels when we incorporate somatic therapy?

Welcome to Episode 115! This week, Nicole Smith Levay shares with us all about her work as an energy coach and how she helps her clients with somatic therapies, breathwork, and meditation. Nicole describes what happens to our internal and external energy as a consequence of our codependency (hint: it’s not good!). We learn the basics of ‘box breathing’ as well as meditation. But what if we’ve tried meditation and just can’t do it, stick with it, or cultivate a practice? Nicole provides encouragement and tips on how to integrate meditation into our lives. It’s a must-listen!

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Nicole Smith Levay is a professional dancer turned Energy Coach. She integrates somatic therapies, breathwork, and meditation into her work with folks struggling with anxiety and depression. Using body-centered techniques, Nicole takes a forward-thinking approach to mental health and trauma-informed care. Since founding her practice, Power Within Healing, in 2013, Nicole has since helped hundreds of people overcome their energetic blocks in order to step into their power and live out their purpose.

The Power Within Healing

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More deets on the episode:
We begin with our typical two questions: how does Nicole define codependency? And a codependent experience from her own life that she can share with us?
Nicole describes codependency as giving away parts of yourself and what you know to be true for outside validation. She opens up about codependent relationships in her past, including with romantic partners, coworkers, and bosses. It all turned around when she integrated meditation, breathwork, and bodywork along with psychotherapy.
Nicole teaches us about her work as an energy coach and how we can begin to pay attention to our posture in relationships. She details how breathwork, somatic therapy, and meditation can all help those struggling with codependency since it fosters self-alignment.
But what if we struggle with meditation? Nicole gives us tips on how we can start small and develop a meditation practice over time. We learn the Breathing Box method as an example to help us focus on breathing and counting to start somewhere when it comes to meditation.
We end by hearing about Nicole’s go-to coping skills. Great ideas!
Thanks for coming on Nicole!

And thank you for listening, my dear listener!

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