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What kind of impact can codependency have on the body?

What will happen to us physically if we keep putting the needs of others above our own?

How can yoga and breath work help with healing from codependency?

In this podcast episode, Marissa speaks with Hailey Johnson, certified yoga teacher, about her own experiences with codependency and how she has been able to heal through yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Hailey opens up about being codependent as a student athlete on the praise and applause of others as well as in long-term, committed relationships where she relied heavily on her former boyfriends to fulfill her emotional needs. Hailey describes her journey and shares about the consequences people-pleasing and self-sacrifice can have on the body. You’ll hear her share about finding poses and breathing techniques in order to help you combat the physical toll codependency can have on the body. It’s a must-listen to promote your all-around healing from codependency.

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Meet Hailey Johnson, certified yoga teacher and the founder of Bloom Yoga & Wellness. Hailey’s mission is to teach others how to find inner peace and happiness through breathwork and meditation. She currently serves her students across the US via her online platform and is committed to bringing the healing benefits of yoga straight to your living room!

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First question: How does Hailey define codependency? “A reliance or dependence on something external.” Hailey explains how it can be another person, a title, a job, or a label which fuels your happiness or love.

Second question: How has Hailey dealt with codependency in her own life? “Oh, wow,” she exclaims. Hailey shares with us about her codependency as a gymnast where she was heavily reliant on the approval, applause, and accolades of her coaches, judges, and teammates. She put all of her value and self-care into being a gymnast and then had an identity crisis since she was so intertwined with being a successful athlete. Marissa highlights how, while Hailey was codependent on her identity, she also was dependent on the people involved within that. The 10/10, high fives, and nods of approval were what she was reliant on.

Hailey then expands on her former relationship where she “solely relied on my happiness from him.” She admits how she did not know what self-love was and sought love from him. Marissa asks about the most poignant moment of her codependency with him and Hailey describes hitting an emotional rock-bottom after the break-up and it was only then when she realized how codependent she was with him. She placed all of her value on him to feel good about herself, feel happy, and be lovable.

Third question: How was Hailey able to make such a drastic change after hitting bottom? Hailey had a realization that something had to change. “I had an insatiable thirst for self-development and self-knowledge.” She found mentors, read books, attended therapy, and was able to create a healthy perspective of what she was battling: grief. She was grieving being an athlete, her relationship, and who she was before hitting rock-bottom. Hailey found that she was free, had just been born, and was able to paint on her blank canvas. Marissa highlights all the emotional and financial investment Hailey made and how that enabled her to find and re-create herself. Hailey agrees and emphasizes the emotional intelligence that she began to develop and how that helped her create an intimate relationship with herself.

Fourth question: What are the short-term and long-term impacts of codependency on the body? Stress! Hailey discusses how most of her students report feeling stressed and difficulty maintaining their self-care. She’s seen anxiety, tension, physical ailments, tight muscles, physical pain, etc. in the short-term. She’s also seen chronic illness and how emotions can be stored in the body long-term that takes a toll on the body, nervous system, and our mental health.

Fifth question: How has Hailey seen yoga and breathwork help her students heal from codependency? “Yoga is a way of life.” Hailey describes how her students are able to practice what they do in yoga in the real world. She helps them lean into discomfort, get curious about what comes up for them in class, then address it in and outside of class. She encourages us to find a daily practice that works for you that grounds you and allows you to access your intuition.

Sixth question: Where to start with yoga? Seek a class…like with Hailey!

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