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Tools for Healing: Journal, ya dummy!

-What are Marissa’s top 3 reasons why you ought to be journaling?

-How, unlike other tools for healing, is journaling so powerful?

-What happened when Marissa used journaling to get out of a codependummy dilemma from her past?

This week, Marissa sits down to discuss the all-powerful tool for healing: J O U R N A L I N G. Girl, are you journaling everyday? If not, why not? If so, how’s it working for you? You’ll hear Marissa describe the psycho-neuro-motor benefits of journaling, how it promotes self-alignment, self-honesty, and self-reliance, AND how journaling helped Marissa put her needs before her own during graduate school. We are also introducing The Codependummy Podcast’s premier product: The Confiding Codependummy. It’s a must-listen!

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More deets on this week’s episode:

We introduce a new segment: Tools for Healing with a discussion all about JOURNALING.

3 reasons to journal:

It promotes self-alignment via the psychoneuromotor aspect of writing.
It encourages self-honesty since you can’t lie to your journal
It enables self-reliance. You write out and work through your own solutions rather than trying to ask everything and everyone else what you should do.
Marissa then shares an anecdote where journaling helped her put her needs first. She was working, going to graduate school, and working on her masters thesis and started to feel overwhelmed. She almost stayed in a part-time on-campus job because she was being a codependummy who didn’t want to disappoint her boss. Thanks to journaling, she was able to get in touch with her feelings, work through them, and come to the obvious conclusion: quit.

Marissa then lists some suggestions for journaling:
1. A pro and con list (with a twist where you write the pros and cons to each outcome)

Forecast: “If I do this, then….” “If I do this other thing, then…” (it’s helpful to identify what you may be afraid of when it comes to prioritizing yourself)
A letter-to-never-send (helps get your feelings out towards someone or something)
A letter to send (to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs in a healthy manner with someone else)

We conclude with an announcement of the premier product from the podcast! THE CONFIDING CODEPENDUMMY: 30-Days of Journaling Prompts for a less-codependent and more-conscious YOU!

According to Google, confiding means: willing to tell someone about a secret or private matter and trust them not to repeat it to others.
With this collection of journal prompts, in an effort to help you with getting into self-alignment, self-honesty, and self-reliance, you’ll be confiding in yourself.

Why you need this: develop the awareness, insight, and consciousness you seek surrounding your codependency.

The Confiding Codependummy will help you:

See and understand the impact codependency has had on your life.
Remove blame from yourself for why you are codependent.
Acknowledge how your codependency serve you.
Process your emotions surrounding the messages you got that your needs were less important than others.
Get real and honest about what codependency has cost you.
Start to make sustainable change towards healing from your codependency.
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