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What are cognitive distortions anyways?

How do cognitive distortions like personalization, magnification, and catastrophizing relate to codependency?

Why does it help to know ‘where your heads at’ when you’re stuck in unhelpful, unhealthy, and unsustainable cognitive distortions?

Welcome to episode 73! This week’s episode we discuss cognitive distortions: the exaggerated and irrational thoughts you have as a codependent. You’ve likely heard terms like catastrophizing, all-or-nothing thinking, and personalization. In this short and spontaneous, I share what all 13 cognitive distortions are and describe how they relate to your codependency. It’s a quick episode that I hope is meaningful!

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More deets on this week’s episode:

We start off with a serenade and check-in.

Then I share briefly on the history of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, what cognitive distortions are, and the 13 that have been identified:

Magical Thinking
Jumping to Conclusions
Mind Reading
Fortune Telling
Emotional Reasoning
Disqualifying the Positive
“Should” statements
All-or-nothing black-and-white thinking
Questions for you:

Which one stands out to you the most?

Which cognitive distortions do you tend to experience most often in your codependent moments/interactions/relationships?

How can you observe your cognitive patterns this week to identify the ones you use most often to become more conscious of them?

What would it be like to be able to recognize when you are using a cognitive distortion and then try to combat it with a more balanced, compassionate, and tender thought/perspective?

The end!

Thank you. Love you. RRSSS.

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