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-What is “yoga therapy?”

-How can yoga therapy and other somatic therapies help those who are codependent and/or highly sensitive?

-What can you do to start building awareness of your needs through awareness of your body?

Welcome to Episode 117! This week, I sat down with Rahcel Wilson, LCSW, to discuss yoga therapy: an approach to therapy that incorporates yoga and psychotherapy in order to bring awareness to the mind, body, and spirit. Rachel describes her use of yoga therapy and somatic therapies to help her patients dealing with codependency and/or high sensitivity which helps them develop a better sense of their needs, quality of their relationships, and b o u n d a r i e s. She educates us on the benefits of yoga therapy and provides simple suggestions for how we all can start attuning to ourselves. It’s a must-listen!

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More on this week’s guest:
Rachel Wilson is a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, and social justice activist committed to supporting people impacted by personal, systemic, and vicarious trauma to re-embody and reconnect. She focuses her work in private practice on helping people who put their energy into supporting others and the community to care for themselves holistically.

More deets from this episode:

We begin with hearing Rachel’s definition of codependency. She describes seeing codependency more in terms of boundaries and lack of boundaries. Codependents tend to focus on others and have difficulty with vulnerability and accountability with others. Rachel highlights the similarities and differences between codependents and highly-sensitive people, a speciality from her practice.

Rachel opens up about codependency in her own life and how that has affected her relationship with her parents in the past and present.

We hear Rachel’s description and differentiation between codependents, empaths, and highly-sensitive people (what stands out to you? can you relate to the traits she describes?)

Next, we shift gears to discuss the importance of yoga therapy and other types of somatic therapies to help treat codependency. Rachel shares with us how yoga therapy helps patients develop awareness of their mind, body, and spirit through a individualized practice of yoga poses. As a consequence to practicing yoga therapy, Rachel shares how her patients are able to become aware of their discomfort and then, when helpful, are able to sit with their discomfort.

Rachel emphasizes how her approach helps her patients become aware of their need for boundaries and appropriate distance/closeness in relationships. She suggests how we can incorporate deep breathing, stretching, shaking, tapping, journaling, and other tools to cultivate self-attunement.

Thank you for coming Rachel! And thank you for being here dear listener!
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